Quality & Safety

At ElliottTurner we have developed comprehensive Quality, Environmental and Health and Safety Management Systems which not only satisfy legislative and regulatory requirements but also comply with national and industry codes of practice. We adopt innovative processes utilising technology to streamline our procedures. This ensures optimal compliance, and supports ongoing monitoring, review and improvement of our systems.

Safety done right. Quality at its best.


Health and Safety Management

ElliottTurner is committed to providing a safe workplace for the project team, our subcontractors, clients and the public. With safety being of exceptional importance our ETsafe system focuses on achieving the highest levels of OHS performance through a process of identifying and controlling risks and hazards.


Quality Management

With our ultimate goal being to provide a product and service which meets and exceeds our clients expectations, we have implemented a quality system which ensures our client service and project delivery is of the highest standard. Just as we don’t compromise on safety, the ET culture demands consistency in quality on every project.


Environmental Management

Meeting Australian Standards, the ET Environmental management plan allows us to minimise the impact of our operations on the environment and to continually improve on our environmental performance. An individual plan is issued for each project to ensure every opportunity to reduce environmental impact is identified and addressed.